Singer & Vocal Tutor

Amy is a trained singer, actor and singing teacher. The styles she specialises in are contemporary styles mostly, pop, soul, rnb and musical theatre.

During her teens Amy had classical voice training, although growing up she always sang the genres she is passionate about such as pop, soul and RnB. She is a soprano with a three-octave range. Collaborating with songwriters, bands, corporate bands, DJs are all things Amy has had experience in.  If this is you searching for a powerhouse vocalist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Artist influences are Christina Aguilera, Witney Huston and Cline Dion.

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Singing Lessons with Amy

Amy has 20 years of singing training behind her and years of experience doing live gigs.

She has a huge passion for teaching students how to sing efficiently with mind/body connection so that they don’t rely on their throat, they use their whole body to sing.

Amy focuses on applying this to contemporary singing styles as well as using classical voice foundations.

This combination makes Amy’s approach unique to other teaching styles out there. Learn how to sing powerfully or softly with control, using the correct muscles and achieving the sound you want.

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